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Solo Sheet Music - Level 1
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S H E E T   M U S I C - Achievement Solo Sheets
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The Bunny with No Name   ::   A2035   ::   $2.50   add to cart
Music by Nancy Faber, Lyrics by Crystal Bowman
This frolicking song is sure to fill your studio with laughter. Young students will love experiencing a wider range of the keyboard as they hop up and down the keyboard in search of a name for their pet bunny. The charming lyrics are sure to get your students singing.

I'm Ready!   ::   A2018   ::   $2.50add to cart
Music by Nancy Faber / Lyrics by Annie Terpstra

This catchy, upbeat melody is sure to be a hit with students! The piece features a full range of dynamics, while the hands remain primarily in Middle C position.

Look at What I Can Do!   ::   A2009   ::   $2.50add to cart
Nancy Faber
Fast and fun, this delightful solo develops finger dexterity and pattern recognition while exploring the upper range of the piano. Students will love the lyrics.

Plurals!   ::   A2006   ::   $2.50add to cart
Music by Nancy Faber / Lyrics by Crystal Bowman
An ingenious application of musical and technical gesture in 5-finger position. The clever and amusing lyric is a play on the inconsistencies of the English Language.

Shout Boo!   ::   A2025   ::   $2.50add to cart
Music by Nancy Faber, Lyrics by Crystal Bowman
Mysterious, haunting sounds using the D minor 5-finger position lead to the fun of a surprise ending. Sure to inspire the performer and scare the audience!
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