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Adult Piano Adventures® is a comprehensive course in reading, playing, and listening to music. With its logical and effective approach to note-reading, Book One gives you the basic skills to play hundreds of melodies by the completion of the book.

The enjoyment of familiar songs is a hallmark of Piano Adventures¨. You will find world-famous classic and popular melodies, as well as folk songs from around the world, jazz and blues favorites, and beloved spirituals. You will learn to play chords and gain an understanding of basic harmony while developing reading skills.

This series includes lessons, technique, and theory together in each volume for ease of use. Each unit includes a "3-Minute Technique" page to develop finger dexterity and a "Music Theory" page to develop understanding of rhythm and harmony. Though study with an experienced piano teacher is recommended, adults interested in beginning on their own will also find these books invaluable.

Adult Piano Adventures® books :
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"All-In-One" Lesson Book 1    ::   FF1302 ::   $15.95 add to cart
"All-In-One" Lesson Book 2    ::   FF1334 ::   $17.95 add to cart
new!  Christmas for All Time Book 1 with CD    ::   FF1370 ::   $14.95   add to cart
new!  Christmas for All Time Book 2 with CD    ::   FF1371 ::   $14.95   add to cart

Adult Piano Adventures® CDs and MIDIs for Book 1 & 2 :
Lesson Book 1 with CDs (Audio and MIDI)    ::   FF1302CD ::   $26.95   add to cart
Lesson Book 2 with CDs (Audio and MIDI)    ::   FF1334CD ::   $26.95   add to cart
CDs for Lesson Book 1 (Audio and MIDI)    ::   CD1025 ::   $12.95   add to cart
CDs for Lesson Book 2 (Audio and MIDI) ::   CD1031 ::   $12.95   add to cart

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