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T E A C H E R S'   C O M M E N T S
I love your music. My favorite comment is when I move a student out of another series and into Piano Adventures is "Wow! He is playing so well all of a sudden!" This is due to the musicality of your pieces. -- C.S, Florida

I have used Faber supplementary materials for quite some time and more recently, in the past 2 years, started using the method books, etc. more and more. The books and music therein has saved a few of my students from wanting to quit piano lessons! The books are so refreshing and appealing compared to much that is out there. Not just for students but for teachers too.
-- N.K., California

I tried practically every method known to piano teachers. Nothing worked well ... until I started using PA. Pedagocially AND musically speaking, PA is the best for teaching & motivating today's students. In terms of "actual content," the PA books (esp. the T&A books) are the best on the market, BAR NONE. -- J, New Mexico

I am so excited because I've recently had a student with a completely blah/almost resigned/wanting-to-drop-piano/pre-teen attitude who has made a giant turn-around. I owe it to an FJH Achievement Solo Sheet that absolutely got him going again. It's called "Halloween Sonatine" by Nancy Faber. Anyone out there use it? In another thread, Rhapsody mentioned giving boys very chordal/dramatic/flashy kinds of pieces to keep them interested. Well, this one certainly accomplishes that! -- Eric, New York

I enjoy the fact that Piano Adventures has a look and feel to it that, unlike some other series, doesn't seem too "grown up" for younger students or too "childish" for older students. That, coupled with the large amount of carefully graded and sequenced supplementary material (Pre- to Big-time and Developing Artist series) makes the Faber and Faber method one of the most versatile on the market. Keep up the good work! -- Jason, TX

The longer I use Piano Adventures® and your other supplemental books, the better I LOVE them. Many days as I teach, I notice things that just work beautifully! You have really done a GREAT JOB with your materials! -- J.O.

I love teaching from your (Piano) Adventures® series. I believe your Christmas books are the best on the market! Children relate well to the technique ideas and applications. I'm looking forward to using your new Popular Repertoire books. Thank you. Your publications make teaching easier and learning more fun. -- M.D.

Thanks for a wonderful method! I've never found such a comprehensive method that uses so many different styles of music and even teaches lead sheet reading -- something I've been teaching for years! -- S.J.

Your Piano Adventures® series is terrific! My students and their parents love the music and especially the duets. Your Popular Repertoire 5 is a huge hit with my students. Keep up the good work! -- C.W.

The Piano Adventures® technique books are the most "student friendly" I have ever used. The basic techniques for good piano performance are so clearly explained and illustrated. The names given each particular technique are so helpful for the teacher to gently remind the student of particular techniques as he/she practices. Thank you for making my job easier. -- G.P.

My students [who are] learning from the Piano Adventures® series are more advanced in note recognition and are playing more difficult music in a shorter time. The variety of music in the books keeps them interested and the supplementary PreTime® to BigTime® books give them a chance to play the genre of music they like the most. The Theory books tend to be much more interesting and fun than any I've seen, and most of the kids seem to enjoy them, especially the ear training sections. They have been a huge help in teaching young children not only to play the piano, but to love the piano. -- E.P.

I just received my new releases today and there are tons of great music plus flashcards to accompany the Piano Adventures® series. These cards are great! They ask questions that make the students really think (not just memorize). -- J.D.

I've been teaching piano for seven years. The duets [in the Faber series] are so much better than any other published series. The progression of note reading and musical concepts is excellent. The Technique and Artistry books provide helpful and easy ways to learn and remember good hand positions and get students thinking beyond notes. The ear training sections are challenging but not impossible. I highly recommend [Faber and Faber] to all of my piano-teaching friends. -- B.G., Huntington Beach, CA

The kids delight in the "I Can Read Music" books. The different kinds of notes on the Sightreading Bonanzas and the stories with note names for words simply delight these kids. Never have I more enjoyed teaching/facilitating theory and basics. Your Level 4 was particularly successful [with] a hardened audience! Keep it up! -- C.G., Omaha, NE

Thank you for your continuing efforts on our behalf to present music as a logical, creative, fun, understandable art! I have always used PlayTime®, ChordTime®, FunTime®, BigTime® books and still believe they sound the best (due to your good registrations and arrangements). Your choices within each book are well chosen. I have been teaching private classes for 30 years and yours is my chosen method for my classes. Scoring on sightreading is unique÷leaves self esteem intact! -- S.O., Niguel Music Center

My students love your music and they especially like the new CDs for the Lesson books. The practice tempo and the performance tempo are great! As a teacher, I like the way you keep the hands moving all over the keys. -- K.T., Henderson, KY

My students eat up your books! Particularly the "I Can Read Music" series. My students are chomping at the bit and ready for the next book! They love the stories and see those as rewards after doing the Sightreading Bonanza. -- D.K.

I have been constantly amazed at how much my students like your Technique and Artistry books. Technique used to be such a drag and now they just love it. Finding your series of books put a whole new life into teaching piano. Thank you! -- E.F.