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S T U D E N T S'   C O M M E N T S
I love your books! They have fun songs that I know well in them! I hope you make more Piano Adventure Books!
M.G., Age 10, Tennessee

I love the arrangements of Piano Adventures. My teacher introduced me to your books, and the journey of learning has been a joyful, musical experience. Thank you for creating this method for us!
S.R., via e-mail

I just learned to play The Tempest and I just wanted to thank you and Nancy for composing this piece and including it in the 3B Performance Book. I've been playing piano now for 2 1/2 years and this is by far my favorite piano piece. It makes a beginner piano student feel like a concert pianist. Unlike most other pieces that I've learned, it's a piece that's not too difficult to memorize, so I can play it when visiting friends. I enjoy playing it very much.
Yours truly, L.M.

I have been playing piano for 6 years now. My piano teacher decided that it would be good to play out of your books. The songs that you put in and wrote were so good; I have been playing out of those books until level 5. Your pieces were very enjoyable to play.
Sincerely, J.S., (Sixth grader)

I like almost everything you create in your books and your playful way of teaching. You inspire many young students the fun and joy of learning theory and reading music!
-- R.T., Age 11

I have done four of your books 1, 2A, 2B, and 3A. I am doing a lot of your pieces! I'm working on James Bond and Linus and Lucy and more· James Bond is very fun to play with the ups and downs.
-- Adam, Elementary school

I like your song Wind in the Trees. That's my favorite song. I just started playing the piano. You have made some fun songs in your piano books. I like the Wind in the Trees because the sound of it is so soft. -- Chelsea, Elementary school

Dear Nancy and Randall, I'm Amanda. I'm 4. I love your music. (real letter!)

I really enjoy your music. It's always fun to play. Right now, I am working on your Lesson Book Level A and I love the songs. I am also playing Blue Bird on My Shoulder with my sister and I love that one too·..I like the theory books too. They are fun to work in. My favorite page is 14 in your Level 2A book because it is like a hidden puzzle and I love hidden puzzles.
A.B., Middle School

Your piano books helped me soooooo much. I did not have any talent!!! My teacher said I have majorly progressed. Thank you for your books and your music. I'm only on Book 2A but I've learned so much.
G.F., via email