Second Edition
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S E C O N D   E D I T I O N   F A Q
Why have you released a 2nd Edition of Piano Adventures®?
Our publications grow out of the needs of the student and much pilot testing. So it feels natural to have a constant evolution of the method influenced by the intervening years of teaching.

The essence of Piano Adventures® is all there. We've added new pieces and new instruction that goes a bit deeper. The new editions give teachers the flexibility to accelerate certain skills, such as transposition, for students who are ready. They offer more note-reading support and more scale work.

Do the new books correlate with the original editions?
YES! Books from the original edition of Piano Adventures® can easily be interchanged with books from the new edition. For Primer through Level 3A, simply match unit to unit. There are a few new songs and some new content but in general, you can use both the new and original editions together seamlessly.

Our new website tool will allow you to build and print your own customized correlation chart—using exactly the combination of books you have: www.PianoAdventures.com/SecondEdition/correlations.html

As a result of the deep revision of Levels 3B and 4, the 2nd Edition Lesson Book will not correlate page-by-page with the 1st Edition books. To get general suggestions for mixing the editions in these levels, use the custom correlation chart tool.

What if I want to get additional copies of the first edition books?
Most dealers will carry both editions. You can call the Faber Teacher Hotline to get more information about locating first edition books: 877-FABER 411 (877 322-3741)

Will there be new item numbers and prices?
All of the item numbers and prices will remain the same.

Are the newest 2nd Edition books available now?
Yes, Level 3A 2nd Editions are available now, and Level 3B 2nd Editions will be available in early April.

What about the CDs and MIDI accompaniments for the 2nd Editions?
2nd Edition CDs with MIDI are available for Primer through Level 2B. Level 3A and 3B are in production.

Will there be any way to discern the difference between the versions?
The 2nd Edition books have "Second Edition" imprinted on the top left of the front cover. Also the back of the book is significantly enhanced—showing the "wheel" of products that correlate to the level.