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Solo Sheet Music - Primer
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S H E E T   M U S I C - Achievement Solo Sheets
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Once I Caught a Fish   ::   A2033   ::   $2.50add to cart
Music by Nancy Faber / Traditional Lyric
Captivating and fanciful, this primer gem delights with its rhythmic appeal, time-honored lyric, and pedaled interludes. Teachers will find themselves reaching for this "fish tale" again and again!

A Particularly Pleasing Piano Piece   ::   A2003   ::   $2.50add to cart
Music by Nancy Faber / Lyric by Jennifer MacLean
This precious primer piece is perfect for the young child. Its playful and clever lyric is set to a white key melody with a simple black key interlude. The student explores the entire range of the keyboard, ending with the highest note on the piano.

Pete, the Repeat Bird   ::   A2037   ::   $2.50add to cart
Music and Lyrics by Nancy Faber
This playful song will enhance the fun of your next lesson or recital showcase. Featuring a lively melody that expands the early-elementary keyboard range, and comical lyrics, Pete, the Repeat Bird is an instant teacherĂ¢s pet. Lots of sing-along fun.

Pony Express   ::   A2019   ::   $2.50add to cart
Nancy Faber
Young beginners will love this clever solo. With its cheerful melody and fun lyrics, it makes a perfect supplement for students who are new to reading the grand staff.

Wee Small Bear   ::   A2032   ::   $1.95add to cart
Music by Nancy Faber / Lyric by Crystal Bowman
This charming children's piece explores the growth of a bear from cub to grizzly. The music progresses down the keyboard as the bear grows bigger and bigger. Dynamics are enhanced by the delightful lyric.

Zoom, Zoom, Witch's Broom   ::   A2024   ::   $2.50add to cart
Music by Nancy Faber / Lyric by Jennifer MacLean
A delightful Halloween piece that uses only 3 "spooky" notes, yet covers the entire range of the keyboard. Use of pedal creates a big, impressive sound. Perfect for beginning readers.