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S H E E T   M U S I C - Achievement Duet Sheets
Primer Level / Beginning Reading :
Bluebird on My Shoulder   ::   AD3002   ::   $2.50   add to cart
Nancy Faber
A delightful first duet in Middle C position. The catchy melody passes from primo to secundo, ending with a chorus of bird song. Your students will fly high while playing this charming piece.

Level 1B / Early Elementary :
Happiness Runs   ::   AD3003   ::   $2.95   add to cart
Nancy Faber
Your students may just start singing this engaging melody and cheerful lyric. Legato and staccato touches are explored as both parts share melody and harmony.

Level 2B / Late Elementary :
The Little Tin Soldier   ::   AD3004   ::   $2.95   add to cart
Arranged by Nancy Faber
A surefire winner with boys and girls alike, the little tin soldier marches on the keyboard in major and minor keys. This upbeat, rhythmic duet offers an exploration of balance and changing dynamics.

Advanced :
Chinese Dragons   ::   AD3005   ::   $5.95   add to cart
Nancy Faber
This exciting duet is written for one piano, four hands. Stunning and effective, it comprises three movements: Dragon Dance, Dragon's Gate (Sacred to Dragons), and Dragon in the Clouds. (40 pages)

Toccata "in Morse Code"   ::   AD3001   ::   $3.50add to cart
Arranged by Nancy Faber
This piece was premiered at the National Conference on Piano Pedagogy as a duet for digital keyboard and piano. The piece can also be played as a 4-hand piano duet, or by one performer with digital sequencer. The powerful maestoso opening introduces a recurring dotted-rhythm motif, suggesting the tapping of Morse Code. A lively, articulated theme follows which builds in harmonic and rhythmic tension to a dramatic ending.
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