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Nancy and Randall Faber are delighted to announce the 2nd Editions of Piano Adventures®! Click here to learn more about this exciting revision.

Piano Adventures® has set a new standard for quality educational publications. This innovative and exciting method series continues to enjoy an unprecedented response from teachers and students around the world.

Each level includes Theory, Performance, Technique & Artistry, Popular Repertoire, and Christmas Books correlated with the Lesson Book.

Piano Adventures® features:
  • combines the strengths of intervallic reading, multi-key, and Middle C approaches
  • offers a wide variety of sounds and styles with many optional teacher duets
  • entertains and delights students with beautiful color illustrations and a carefully conceived layout
  • background accompaniments are now available on CD or MIDI diskette

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  • For the young beginner: My First Piano Adventure®
    Written for ages 5 and 6, My First Piano Adventure® captures the child's playful spirit. Fun-filled songs, rhythm games and technique activities develop beginning keyboard skills. My First's three levels, A, B, and C, each have a Lesson Book with CD and a Writing Book. Book C of this young beginner course leads into Level 1 of basic Piano Adventures®.