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Piano Adventures Level 5
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Level 5 continues to build musicianship with the circle of 5ths, cadences, flat key signatures, and the three forms of the minor scale. The use of octaves, arpeggios, and dynamic playing across the range of the keyboard develops pianistic skill for the intermediate student.

Piano Adventures® books for Level 5 :
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Lesson Book    ::   FF1093 ::   $6.95   add to cart
Theory Book    ::   FF1094 ::   $6.50 add to cart
Performance Book    ::   FF1095 ::   $6.50 add to cart
Popular Repertoire Book    ::   FF1323 ::   $7.95   add to cart

Piano Adventures® CDs and MIDIs for Level 5 :
Popular Repertoire CDs (2 CDs)    ::   CD1030 ::   $10.95 add to cart
Popular Repertoire MIDI    ::   GM1038 ::   $10.95 add to cart
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