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Piano Adventures Level 2B
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Level 2B presents cross-hand arpeggios and the full major scales in the keys of C, G, and F. Use of connected pedal and a variety of repertoire keep the students musically engaged as they explore I, IV, V7 chords.

Piano Adventures® books for Level 2B :
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Lesson Book  2nd Ed.   ::   FF1084 ::   $6.95   add to cart
Theory Book  2nd Ed.   ::   FF1085 ::   $6.50 add to cart
Performance Book  2nd Ed.   ::   FF1086 ::   $6.50 add to cart
Technique & Artistry Book  2nd Ed.   ::   FF1099 ::   $6.50   add to cart
new!  Sightreading Book  ::   FF3015 ::   $6.95 add to cart
Gold Star Performance with CD    ::   FF1605 ::   $7.95 add to cart
Popular Repertoire Book    ::   FF1259 ::   $6.95 add to cart
Christmas Book    ::   FF1140 ::   $4.95 add to cart

Piano Adventures® CDs and MIDIs for Level 2B :
new! Lesson Book CD 2nd Ed. ::   CD1004 ::   $10.95  add to cart
Popular Repertoire CD    ::   CD1020 ::   $10.95 add to cart
Popular Repertoire MIDI    ::   GM1016 ::   $10.95 add to cart
Background Accompaniments MIDI    ::   GM1004 ::   $24.95 add to cart
    Contains 3 diskettes with orchestrations for the Lesson Book,
    Performance Book, and Technique & Artistry Book.

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