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· No. 1: Primer Level
· No. 2: Level 1
· No. 3: Level 2A
· No. 4: Level 2B
· No. 5: Level 3A
· No. 6: Level 3B
· No. 7: Level 4
· No. 8: Level 5
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P I A N O   A D V E N T U R E S   N E W S L E T T E R
The Piano Adventures® Teacher Newsletter is designed for both the pedagogy student and teachers already "in business". The content is directed to encouraging all readers to become—and remain—the ideal, professional piano educator.

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Issue No. 1
Primer Level

Issue No. 2
Level 1
Issue No. 3
Level 2A
Issue No. 4
Level 2B
Issue No. 5
Level 3A
Issue No. 6
Level 3B
Issue No. 7
Level 4
Issue No. 8
Level 5
This article series by Randall Faber explains the pedagogical background behind each level of the Piano Adventures® method. Click on each link to download:

· Synergy at the Primer Level
· Level One: Articulation and the Wrist
· Level 2A: Pattern Recognition and Five-Finger Positions
· Level 2B: The Power of Primary Chords
· Level 3A: The Role of Review
· Level 3B: Playing Fast
· Level 4: Lyric Playing
· Level 5: The I-IV-V Tapestry
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