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D - F
G - L
M - O
P - R
T - Z
P - R
Shows the down-up motion of the damper pedal.
A musical sentence. A phrase is often shown by a slur, also called a phrase mark.
  More. For example, piu cresc. means more crescendo.
  More motion.
A little.
  Little by little.
  A quick dance with a feel of two beats per measure.
Play in a slightly detached style (between legato and staccato).
  A short instrumental piece, often rather free in style.
  Very fast.
  The I, IV, and V chords are the primary chords in any major key.
One count or beat (one-quarter the value of a whole note).
One beat of silence.
rall. Gradually slow down. Same as ritardando.
  Play the music within the repeat signs again.
With firmness, decisiveness.
rit. Gradually slow down.
riten. Slow down the tempo (immediately, not gradually).
  A lyrical song for voice or lyric instrumental composition.
  The period of art, music, and architecture characterized by intensely personal artistic expression, exotic influences, and a reaction to the natural and systematic order of the Classical period (approximately 1830-1910).
  The French term for a piece that has a recurring A section (for example, ABACA).
The form for a piece which has a recurring A section (for example, ABACA).
  The letter name of the chord is the lowest note.
  An expressive give and take of the tempo.