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  Return to the beginning tempo (speed).
accel. Gradually play faster.
Play this note louder.
Sharps, flats, or naturals added to a piece and not in the key signature.
  A left-hand accompaniment which outlines the notes of a chord using the pattern: bottom-top-middle-top. The Alberti bass was popularized during the Classical period.
Cut time. Short for 2/2 time signature. The half note gets the beat (Two half note beats per measure).
  Moderately fast.
A tempo that is a bit faster than andante.
Animated/animatedly; played with life.
An ornament that looks like a grace note, but is played on the beat and shares the duration of the principal note. An appoggiatura resolves a dissonance to a consonance.
A song for one or two voices with an instrumental accompaniment, usually from an opera or cantata.
  Harmoniously; with beautiful harmony.
Rolled chord. Play the notes of the chord one at a time, rapidly, from bottom to top.
  Much. For example, allegro assai means quite fast.
  Return to the beginning tempo (speed).