Congratulations on having gotten so far so quickly! There are many things for you yet to learn.

For instance, you may be able to play your scales HS, but can you play them HT? How many octaves? Do they sound good? Do they feel comfortable? How fast? Ditto for the arpeggios.

You might be able to play the C major prelude, but it goes together with a fugue and that would definitely be out of your league, even at the end of PA5. It's not enough to be able to pick out the notes. There are many elements of style and expression to be considered and whether the piece is appropriate for your physical and musical development.

If your teacher is a member of MTAC, she should own the syllabus and be able to tell you where you fit in that program. I can't comment on it because I don't know HOW you are playing, just what. Those two things can be miles apart.

Keep practicing and keep listening to yourself and to great pianists.