Well, reporting what went on during a lesson is not a skill most children have. If you are basing your decision on what the children are able to actually tell you, I'd think twice.

If they are producing well and seem to understand what they are doing, perhaps the teacher is fine! It would seem so. Very few children are self-directed enough to practice well on their own.

This week, I would schedule a conference with the teacher. You need to find out exactly what she expects from the children in their practice and how she addresses that during the lesson. Would she be willing to write down specific practice steps for them? Does she write down what the goals are for the pieces during the week? Air all of your concerns.

It could well be that her own learning style doesn't require that, but if your child's learning style does, then she needs to do it.

If you are not encouraged by her response, then start the search for a new teacher. Just be up front about what you are looking for in a teacher. Anyone worth their salt will offer to schedule an interview with you so they can go over their curriculum and policies. I think it's fine to have two different teachers, but don't discount the idea that one teacher can adjust to a different personality.