I notice that it has been a long time since anyone posted on this forum, but I'll try anyway. My daughter, 11, has been taking piano lessons for almost 4 years and is in PA book 4. My son, about to turn 9, has been taking lessons for 14 months and is in PA 2B. They both take 30 minute lessons from the same teacher. We place a high priority on piano, practicing faithfully 5 days a week. My own skill at the piano is limited, being at the intermediate level.

Each week they are assigned usually 2 pages in the Lesson book along with the corresponding pages in T&A(for 2B), Theory, and Performance. My son also gets occasional assignments from Gold Star Performance and Pop. Rep. The teacher circles some of the directions in the Lesson book, sometimes writes in counting for a measure, circles things like dynamic marks and repeats, but usually gives no verbal instructions or further written practice instructions. She did spend about 5 minutes going over eighth notes when they were introduced. At home, I sit with them while they practice, making sure they are playing the right notes with the right rythm and observing dynamics and articulation marks. When they go to the next lesson, they play the pieces for her, she makes a few suggestions or corrections, they play it again, it's passed off and the whole cycle starts over again.

My question is this. Am I helping them by being so actively involved, or am I taking over the teacher's function? When I've left my daughter to structure her own practice, she'll play through a piece once or twice, dawdle, play something she likes, but doesn't effectively move forward unless she really likes something. For example, she learned and passed off Medieval Fair (Perf. 4) in one week. My son is more goal oriented and will work at a piece until he gets it, but will make some note errors and doesn't always notice dynamic markings. With him my input is more limited, but it does allow him to pass off every piece every week. Does their continued progress justify my involvement? Or should I accept slower progress for my son and a much slower pace for my daughter in favor of letting them work it out on their own?

By the way, we homeschool and they are used to getting instruction from me. They both want me to be with them while they practice and I enjoy doing it. This may be a case of "if it ain't broke don't fix it," but my daughter is approaching the point where my technical knowledge ends.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this and especially if someone is able to help me with this issue.