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Switching actions in and out of a grand piano is a rather simple procedure. All it takes is a screwdriver. (And some pianos even have a wing nut instead of a screw so you wouldn't need any tools at all.)

Basically, you:

1) Unscrew the screws underneath the keyboard on either side.

2) Pull the fall board out (the wood blocks on either side of the keys will come out with it.)

3) Slide out the action (the action isn't actually bolted down or anything - it just sits in there)

The big thing you have to worry about is that the hammer shanks are a bit fragile and it can be easy to snap a hammer off when putting an action in a piano. It's also pretty heavy and a bit awkward to carry.

Doesn't sound like such an easy thing for a petite person like me to do, Jason. \:\(
And God only knows what it would do to my already-bad lower back (& its accompanying sciatica pain).

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