Has anyone seen &/or tried the new 7/8 keyboard for pianos? I just saw an ad for it in this month's issue of American Music Teacher magazine.

It's supposed to be great for people with small hands 'cuz it allows them to play without risk of injury. In theory, it sounds great. However, I wonder about 2 things:

(1) How hard would it be for old folks like me, who are accustomed to performing on regular-sized keys, to adjust to the smaller-sized keys?

(2) How much of a problem would it be for me & my students to use such a keyboard in the studio, when everyone else uses regular-sized keys? After all, if you perform in public, you can't lug your piano around with you everywhere you go. [Well, I guess you could, but... :rolleyes:]

I haven't called the company & inquired but, from what I gather from the ad, this is a keyboard that you put on your existing piano (IOW, just new keys). Does anyone know?

Thoughts, anyone???