Other things to consider when purchasing a piano:

(1) where a piano was manufactured. For example, Yamaha manufacturers pianos in both Japan & in the States. I prefer to own a Yamaha that was made in Japan, as I perceive the quality control at a Japanese factory to be superior. You can figure this out by looking inside the piano, where there should be a factory emblem stamped on the wood.

(2) model specifications. For example, I own a Yamaha Model U3. It's a 52" upright that has, among other features, a working sostenuto pedal (full sustain, like a grand piano). However, Yamaha has changed the specs--the U3's they now make have sostenuto pedals, but with only bass sustain. So if I were to buy another Yamaha just like the model I presently own, I would have to buy the Model U4.

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