Originally posted by Eric:
Some questions re: Developing Artists Series ~

*When do you all begin introducing these books?

Depends on ability of student. Below are the Fabers' suggested PA levels for each Developing Artist book:

PA2B = Prep. Piano Lit. (elem.)

PA3A = Piano Lit. Bk. 1 (elem.) & Piano Sonatinas Bk. 1 (early int.)

PA4 = Piano Lit. Bk. 2, Piano Lit. for a Dark & Stormy Night (int.) & Piano Sonatinas Bk. 2 (int.)

PA5 = Piano Lit. Bk. 3 (int.) & Selections from the Notebook for A.M. Bach (int.)

*Do you use them in lieu of the Performance Book, or in addition?

Depends on the student. My preference is to use it in addition to the Performance Book.

*Do you pick and choose just certain pieces to work on, or do you prefer the student master all the pieces?

Depends on the student. It would be wonderful if the student mastered all the pieces in every book. However, if a student doesn't like all the pieces in the book, I have no problem substituting the pieces s/he doesn't like with other classical repertoire (same level, same style period) from another publisher.

*Which level coordinates best with each book of the Developing Artist Series?

I think the Fabers' suggested levels are probably best for the average student, though I don't yet have enough experience coordinating the Developing Artist series with the PA books to be able to provide definitive suggestions.

*Have you found that certain pieces in the series are good tie-ins with what is being introduced in the core series?

I'll get back with you on this, Eric.