hi bootero,

i've had hand surgery twice on my right hand. i had a tumour growing in a cavity of one of my carpal bones. it was first thought to be a ganglion, but xrays determined otherwise. the first surgery i had when i was 17, the dr told me i'd never be able to play the piano again at my level! i was devastated! i had to get a bone graft (very painful). i never had physio, and it took me 2 years to get back to the level i was at, although i never had the mobility back the same. i then auditioned at university and got a scholarship. while attending university, 5 years later, i had the same pain. went to a different dr, one who specialised in musicians, and had to have the surgery again. in addition to the tumour coming back, it was mostly just scar tissue and a bone shard from the original surgery sticking up. this time i had physio and performed a recital 8 weeks later. the physio helped IMMENSELY!!!

i taught this entire time, students of all levels. everyone was extremely understanding and very helpful, as i couldn't use my right hand AT ALL! it was only for a few weeks, and even when i had the first surgery, it took me longer to recover, but they were still very sympathetic about it.

good luck to you, i know how traumatic hand surgery is to a pianist.
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