I am looking for advice and anyone's experience with trying to teach and get through hand surgery.

I am having hand surgery sometime in my near future. I am trying get through this school year before trying to surgically repair my thumb joint. I am trying meds to keep the pain at a minimum until school is out. If the med's don't work, I need surgery sooner than later. Bad time of the year to be compromised.

My problem is I have had an onslaught of new students calling for lessons and they want to start in June. (which is my hopeful surgery time)

How have you all dealt with teaching through this kind of situation. I don't want to turn potential students away, I have a few older kids that I am not sure will be returning next year.

Were people tolerant, could you make it through by using left hand more? What worked and what didn't and what do you recommend to get through the time. I figure I will lose a week the week of the surgery, but I am hoping I can pick it back up without too much difficulty after the initial week.

Any ideas, experience, helpful hints, are appreciated. Did anyone bail on you ? I am just worried and apprehensive about the recovery and looking bad if I can't execute moves for awhile.

Or has anyone had this particular surgery for thumb-based arthritis and how long was recovery until you really could use your thumb?

Thanks in advance.....