How does everyone motivate the lazy?
I have a wonderful young lady taking lessons who says she wants to learn to play piano. I belive she does.. but she is completely lazy at anything that requires putting effort (even minimal ) into anything. I have tried letting her pick out some of the supplemental material we use to help motivate her but to no result. Most weeks she does'nt even practice (or just barely). This past week she did'nt even bring her books to lessons! I did her sisters lesson and then played review theory games with them in place of the older sisters lesson. Her younger sister LOVES piano and I barely need to prompt her on learning new things she is always practicied up and even looks ahead so she is ULTRA ready at every lesson.
If music is'nt the problem and she wants to learn to play piano what should I use or do? Im stumped. This student in question loves the prize bucket for the middle school group, but she has'nt gotten anything in awhile because she does'nt put the effort into anything to learn. It usually takes a month to get past a single lessons worth of music. Any ideas? (she is 12 and in 7th grade. Im using older beginner level materials with her so she does'nt feel dumbed down by "kiddie" music)