You guys "crack me up".

I was a classroom there is a curriculum the class follows....and a certain pace the class follows. However, we, teaching private piano lessons have the opportunity to tailor the curriculum to each individual, and should take advatage of it. That is largely what PRIVATE lessons are about. There are as many different personalities in teachers as in students and we each have our own style. It is evident everytime you talk with other teachers and it is obvious in seeing all the methods out there being used.There IS a ton of marketing and money making going on with these publishers (UGH). It IS a business, and there is wide variety of methods being used by equally good teachers. Now that I am working in our local sheet music store, I see this even more. We are not all the same and neither are our students. Finding a good match with teacher/student is important and the teacher finding a good match in materials for her/himself and the students in important. I tried for quite a while to narrow it down and use all the same materials and curriculum in the same way with every student. It didn't work. That's what spurred me into the hobby of studying methods and trying many. Some things remain constant in our teaching but others do not. Anyway..just further thought.
Lisa and seems you ARE saying much the same thing. Lisa I totally agreed with your post right after my previous one.