I don't know if I completely agree with Lisa. "It is not about us and our wants and needs. It is about the student's intrinsic motivation and their path, not ours. It is also about learning to eschew so-called Perfect Pedagogy and understanding the educational psychology components of motivation."

As in so many things, it is about balance. I do not think that most children know what is good for them or what they like in a broad sense because they have limited exposure.

I find that students are more motivated by success than anything else, including the pieces they play. I make sure that they feel success each step of the way.

One of my jobs as a teacher is to educate their taste. I do this by exposing them to a variety of music, but placing a focus on classical literature. That's why I attract the students that I have.

That being said, I am not the right teacher for every student. It's usually because the parents' goals differ from mine. But you know what? I don't have to teach every student! That's why it's valuable to a variety of teachers. There is someone for everyone.