My parents didn't let my brother stop piano when he wanted to because they felt that you can't just start something and not finish it. Not saying you can ever "finish" playing piano. Therefore, for students I have now, I explained learning piano is like learning anything in school. You don't stop learning science because you're not going to be a scientist.

When I am faced with the question, "Why does this have to be played better?" I simply answer, "Because I know you can. I wouldn't ask you to do something you are not capable of doing. If I push you to do better, it's because you're bright enough to do so." That answer has worked quite well for me right now. By letting them know that when we push them, it's because we care and that they should do their absolute best often encourages them to move forward.

Students should know that the skills they get from learning piano applies to everyday life. For example, if you are persistent in trying to finish playing a piece, it is likely that you can carry on this hardworking character into your future career. I let both the parents and students understand that. I think it's about trying to link music into everyday life that answers their "Why should I....?"