I'm coming in late on this discussion but after reading Dolce's comments, I can say I've had the same. Here's some food for thought. I went to a piano workshop and here's what clinician Joyce Grill had to say. Basically, she pointed out that kids today are not like kids of the past. Most will never practice or achieve what we think they should. They are over-scheduled, over-stressed, and have way too many things to "entertain" them. So we as teachers must focus on the the PROCESS of learning, not the PROGRESS. As long as we can make an impact on them in some way, even though it may be going slower through the books, we've done our job. She also stressed taking advantage of events around us. For example, there are new pieces out there about Lewis & Clark...now is a good time to educate them on that journey. There are pieces that talk about space travel...now is a good time to peak that interest, etc. I found her tidbits to be interesting and refreshing to me.