Nancy, thanks so much for your comments. I agree 100% w what you're saying.

I've been watching the show "So You Think You Can Dance" on Fox this summer with a lot of interest. Many of the judges comments could be directly applied to piano students as well. One comment was during the early auditions and directed toward a girl who had prepared a Classical Ballet routine. She had been in line earlier surrounded by Hip-hop & Jazz dancers thinking, "they'll never take me doing ballet." WRONG! They took her BECAUSE she did Classic Ballet. The judges unanimously agreed that if she could dance Classic ballet, then the odds were good that she could dance ANY style!

Isn't this the way with piano study. If a student is taught standard technic & musicianship with a focus on Classical music, then they will more than likely be able to play just about anything.

Then, I keep hearing over & over in this show how important technique is. Last week judges commented on how some dancers were obviously moving in and out of their technique while others nailed theirs. Then to one dance pair, the comment was that the judges didn't even notice the technique because their dancing was at such a high level of artistry.

Again, in piano study, technique is foundational. I want to help each student develop to the best of their ability technically AND musically. Without a strong & secure technique, the music is compromised. Personally, I don't want to settle for ho-hum technic when a student is capable of much more. I want them to be able to sit at the piano when they're 40+ and play in a way that is satisfying to them musically. But if they aren't willing to work to get the basics secured to the best of their abilities, or are too easily accepting of faulty playing, I don't know if they'll ever truly reach that place of satisfaction when they play. Who knows?