I have several thoughts. First it matters because whatever we do we should do our best. Students should strive to do their best no matter to what degree they expect to play. However....each student can be taught to do their best in their area of interest. If one knows they don't plan to study music in college and be a musician, but know they may want to play for family gatherings or parties, then have them strive for excellence in this type of music and playing. Say they want show tunes or pop or easy listening instrumentals.....even then they need decent technic to be able to perform well. Just because they might not play serious, technical music, does mean they can be sloppy! I look at it this way......We are CRAZY if we think the majority or even a significant number of our students will be or even want to be a serious musician. WHERE did we get that idea? Those are the minority. For the rest I help them to reach their best potential and I still expect practice and work out of them. Even if they only plan to play for their own enjoyment...they need decent technic to get the sounds they want to hear and to play freely and with no pain. They don't have to strive for or have the abilities of a concert pianist, but they do need guidelines to do well at whatever level they want. I do not hold the same standards for all students. I totally teach student by student according to their goals and abilities and desires. Some are doing much more and entering evaluations. Some are not. BUT whatever I give them they need to work at to do their best. That's my take on it.