The Practical Piano Pedagogy book by Martha Baker-Jordan has a "Practice Suggestions" form in it that is similiar to what Gretchen mentioned and has been floating around pedagogy circles for years. It's designed for 4-week study of late elementary and early intermediate levels. When higher level than that, pieces need to be divided into sections that are practiced like individual pieces with separate weekly goals.

Her definition of "accurate" includes everything printed on the page - "dynamics, phrasing, articulation, rhythm, etc." All must be learned in the first week of practice. Her answer for appropriate tempo is whatever it takes to play the assigned accurately. If they are truly learning it accurately, then they are FORCED to take it slowly the first week. Here's her breakdown:

Week 1 Goal: Slow-Accurately, counting out loud if necessary
1. each part slowly, no mistakes, HT XX times
2. Whole piece slowly as well as possible XX times.

Week 2 Goal: Modearate tempo - accurately
1. Whole piece slowly, counting to self, BUT always counting XX times
2. Whole piece moderate temop to see if there are trouble spots. If so, stop on each spot and play it perfectly 3 times in a row at a slow to modearate tempo.
3. Whole piece moderate tempo, as well as possible XX times

Week 3 Goals: SHould-Sounds
1. Whole piece moderate tempo XX times
2. Whole piece should-sound to see if there are trouble spots, If so, stop on each spot and play it perfectly 3 times in a row at a moderate to should-sound tempo.
3. Whole piece should-sound, as well as possible, without stopping XX times

Week 4 Goals: Should-Sound, 1st try (performance level)
1. Whole piece should-sound as well as possible without stopping
2. If trouble spots: A. Play whole piece again and stop on each spot. B. Play each spot perfectly 3 times in a row.
3. Whole piece sloly 1 time
4. Whole piece moderately 1 time
5. Whole piece should-sound XX times

This is pretty much how I was trained by Mary Gae George. First week to be played at metronome half-tempo ACCURATELY, then moving on from that over a 4-week period. I really don't subscribe to not paying attention to important musical elements the first week. It creates non-aware practicers plus certain things, like articulations, simply MUST be learned correctly from the beginning. I also don't think that playing musically is something that should be tacked on at the end of studying a piece. It is possible to play thing's musically at half tempo. And the sooner they figure it out, the more practice-aware they become and you nip potential problems in the bud. JMO, though, not looking for a debate, heh heh.

THe sheet I detailed above, btw, is in tear-out form in the back and on the CD disc that comes with the book. I haven't figured out how those thangs download yet! \:o :rolleyes: Plus she has more specific comments on the different weekly goals. This is just in one little chapter out of 20. This book is, again, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for everyone's personal pedagogy library!