My thoughts...

Every time I look at the method books, & think about how gradually paced they are compared to the books my teacher used when I was taking lessons, I wonder how anyone could possibly have trouble. Each "layer" is added one at a time, with plenty of supplementary books & sheets available for the students who need reinforcement, compared to the old books where several layers were added all at once (not gradual at all). What is the problem?

I suspect that the students who are struggling with the new books are not practicing or thinking, because the books are so easy that even a chimp could learn from them. Really! Maybe today's children don't need a more gradual method or presentation of material. Maybe they need to be challenged, not spoon fed. Short of practicing with students at their homes (which is impossible to do because we don't have time & we don't live with our students), how much easier can we make things for them? How much are we supposed to do for them? How much are they going to do on their own? Are we to hold their hands all the time? Whatever happened to independent learning? Seems like some kids don't know how to do things by themselves, on their own. They're so accustomed to being helped by well-meaning (but perhaps a little misguided) adults who don't want them to have to struggle. :rolleyes: After all, learning should not involve work. :rolleyes:

Please excuse me for venting. \:o

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