I have never had students complete a chart illustrating that they practiced each day... I don't want to be legalistic, and I don't want this to be a source of stress and focus. What I want is for them to want to practice for its own sake and to practice well. What I have done which has worked very well is type-up on red paper (in order to stand-out from all other papers) my practice tips. I discuss how much to practice at different levels/ages. I suggest different methods of practices. I discuss how to sightread a piece before even playing it the first time. I discuss how to practice. I don't have the sheet here but is something like this:
1. Focus only on notes, rhythm, and fingering until is really good. Practice slowly.
2. Add articulation (legato, staccato, accent...
3. Add dynamics
4. Add pedaling
5. Speed-up to appropriate tempo.

Besides having this on the sheet, I also drill it in the lesson by pointing it out while working on pieces. When they get new songs, I tell them only focus on ... this first time. And remind to add other features through the week... I also write practice notes in their notebooks about measures and details they are having trouble with such as practice measures 10-11 over and over until correct 5X in a row each day before playing the whole piece...

I have noticed since I gave my students these red handouts to take at home, that their performance in lesson has improved greatly! over the past when I found myself verbally reminding them and writing in notebook over and over. This is less and less necessary as students get use to their red sheets. I occasionally ask if still have by their piano and refer to... Until as is now the case, most are so in the habit of practicing this way and no longer need it.

I rarely have students play their songs too fast. They usually correct themselves and their own mistakes... \:\) \:\) \:\)