LOL GeeTee....if they practice as often as they eat, well they'd be getting somewhere!
I sometimes tell students that practice should become a daily habit just like brushing their teeth. And since most watch TV a certain amount of time everyday, I suggest they choose the show they can most give up and then use that time at the piano.'s a matter of choice for everyone. They say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit so sometimes we set that goal and once they are in that habit it IS so much easier to do it. Also..sometimes the difficult part is just getting to the piano. Once they are there they enjoy practicing and playing music. I know for myself that sometimes it is an effort to stop whatever I am doing and just get to the piano but once there I do not want to quit. Some students have shared the same thing with me.
WELL....I interrupted my own practice to read here and now I have only 25 minutes till my first student of the day arrives, so I had better get back at it so I can practice what I preach!!!! ;\)