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Why have them record their times then? If we all say that we want quality mind spent over time spent, then why do we make them record it? Just thinking out loud here myself....

Lisa, you are so right. I have vacillated between kids recording times vs simply placing a check on the days they've practiced. Either way you run into situations where time doesn't always = accomplishment, or a check might = 5 min. or less time at the piano! Far from adequate.

Ok, I've been hammering away at my assignment sheet all morning betwn peeks at this site, and here's something more workable & meaningful to both me and the students... (I hope)

To the far right of the sheet for each area of the assignment (warmup, review pc, new pc, theory) are 2 small columns marked "ready" and "not ready". Here the student can place a check to indicate how they feel their progress on the assignment is coming. This is NOT for me to necessarily comment on, just for an "at a glance" peek at where THEY think they are with the assignments. Then, at the bottom of the sheet there is a M T W... kind of thing with lines for them to simply check the days they feel they spent adequate time working on the assignment. Not times! Then, finally to the left at the bottom, I simply have placed a little shaded text box for their own reflection. It says:

For you to think about...
This week did you:
> Practice enough?
> Practice almost enough?
> Practice not enough?
> Didn't practice?

Again, this will only be for them to ponder. I'm sure after awhile, they won't even see it, but from time to time, as I reiterate various practice tools, etc. I may lift these questions up for them as reminders. And, btw, my kids are all used to marking SOMETHING on their sheets. They've been doing in from the start and know I don't allow them to neglect this.

What do you think?

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