Lisa, I'm beginning to see what you mean. I appreciate your insight (and that too of the teens passing thru). So, I suppose I'll go back to a simpler M T W... kind of thing where they record their times.

I just wish there was some way to keep at the forefront of some (not all) student's minds when they're practicing, that the goal is not just to put in time. Esp at the intermediate levels. And I try to drive this point home to them repeatedly. I also pour a lot of energy into preparing & laying out clear and specific practice objectives that often (with some students) are consistantly ignored. Then they come to the lesson, perform poorly, and yet can't seem to understand why since they practiced a lot this week!! I guess I was just wanting to get some of these kids to be more aware of how they are practicing. And deep down, unless they're too mentally passive or non-intuitive as Jala describes to be aware, kids really do know how they're practicing; "confessional" type statements aren't going to help. I see that now.

It's good to have a place where we can "think out loud" (kind of). Put's things into perspective. Thanks again. \:\)