Ok, here's where my assignment/practice sheet stands currently...

I've prepared a table with 5 sections as follows:
1. Warm-up/Study piece
2. Pieces to cont./review
3. New Pieces to learn
4. Theory/written work
5. Pick-up music

To the right of each section are 2 large blocks for writing out the assignment, book, title, and specific pages, sections, measures, etc. to be practiced, and then for writing specific assignment objectives (as recommended in the PR book). To the right of these areas is a grid with 7 smaller boxes marked M T W T F S S for checking the day(s) each part of the assignment was worked on.

Below all of this are two small boxed areas: 1 called "take note" for any reminders I want to make to the student (ie trim nails, bring Christmas book next week, etc.), and the other labeled "Dear Parent(s) for notes to them.

Now, at the bottom of the sheet, where I've usually had M T W... and lines for them to record their practice times, I've instead listed the 4 statements with a small box next to each for them to check. I've modified these statements a bit:

I have worked hard, fulfilled the assignment objectives, and am adequately prepared for my lesson.

I have worked hard but have not fulfilled all of the assignment objectives. I will need more time.

I have not worked as hard as I could have and am not adequately prepared for my lesson.

I was not able to practice much and expect to repeat most, if not all, of the assignment.

Right above these statements is the instruction to "please check one of the following statements that best describes your practice week."

I do use binders and give them a new assignment sheet each week, so they will mark a statement each week. If a student arrives without marking one, then we will discuss the practice week at the start of the lesson and s/he can simply make a decision as to which statement best reflects the week and mark it right then. Because they already are recording what they've practiced on each day in the table, I can at least see at a glance where time has been spent practicing. BUT, they will have to commit to marking one of the statements before the lesson will continue. Then I will better know the quality of the practice and what to expect in their performances at the lessons.

Does this make sense? I have this sheet on file and would be happy to email a copy of it as an attachment to anyone interested. Just email me privately at gtpiano@yahoo.com

I may still make some other changes to it tho down the road. \:\)

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