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Here are the statements. I'd like to know what you think...

1. I have worked hard, accomplished the goals of my assignment, and am prepared for my lesson.

2. I have worked hard but have not accomplished all of my assignment goals; I will need more time on some parts of my assignment.

3. I have not worked as hard as I could have and am not adequately prepared for my lesson.

4. I was not able to practice much this week and expect to repeat my assignment.


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I do like the 4 statements, and their potential for causing a student to really think through their own degree of effort and preparation. Of course, I'm not sure that all students would take it seriously, but it's worth a try. Could you elaborate on how you will actually use these questions--will you make your own assn-sheets to put in a binder, and these questions would be at the top of each page? Or would they simply have one copy of these questions with verbal instructions to think through them each week, and verbally tell you which most closely fits for that week? Or....?
BTW, I think I need to order the Practice Revolution after reading so many favorable comments here.