Marcia, thanks for clarification (not a disgreement!). My son's chart was more like: do CM pentscale 10 times, do this 5 times, do that 3 times, for a total of about 10 items each day. So it wasn't just a checkmark for the assignment, but rather a set of items to be done so many times. He would sometimes have it done 5 times, but not 10 - so the next day he would add the 5 and think that he had to do it 15. It was a hopeless situation (primer student, 6 yrs.) If he came to the lesson with the grid completed he would receive $1, but since his was never completed filled he would feel failure. Maybe this is something to take into consideration when creating assignment charts.

BTW, my husband and I were quite proudly TV-free for over 5 years. It was wonderful (except I never knew what people were talking about). Somehow the TV snuck back into the front room (with baby #3), but I am aiming to GET IT OUT!