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As beautiful as it is, I DO wish I could interest Junior High girls into some other bit of classical piano music. This seems to still be #1 on the Charts! Maybe the recordings suggested in this thread can open up their view of classical music so they WILL want to play something other than the unfortunately overplayed and rarely-played-well Fur Elise!

Eric and others, do you know much about Aram Khachaturian and his piece "Ivan Sings" (No. 1 from Adventures of Ivan)?

I'm not a junior high girl anymore but I just love that piece! I admit it is not highly recognizable like Fur Elise but so beautiful.

I haven't looked very hard but so far I haven't discovered much about Mr. Khachaturian of his "Adventures of Ivan". I would love to hear more of this collection.

I know Mr. Khachaturian also composed "Entry of the Gladiators" or something equally opposing in style.