I have Jane Magrath's (Alfred) Encore, Masterwork Classics, and Masterpieces with Flair! on CD. I believe the player for all 3 of those is Valery-Lloyd Watts. I think she does a pretty good job, although I realize pianists can sometimes differ on the details of interpretation.

Have you tried any of them?

I always play through the song for them first before assigning it to them. I will also let them listen to a performance of it (only if it's exceptionally done, and beyond what I can give them :p ) when they are just about ready to polish the piece.

I lent a few VHS videos to my students, one of them having all the great performers on it... Horowitz, Gould, et al. I think it is also good for them to SEE what piano playing looks like for different people.

One parent said the listens to Mozart Sonatas with her kids a lot, and that she one day hopes her Level 1 kids will be able to play them too! I loved her enthusiasm and futuristic mind-set. I hope to be able to teach Mozart Sonatas to them too, one day! (when they're ready, though.... and not just to impress Mom, that's for sure!
;\) ).

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