As the summer progresses, I continue to fret over the fact that my daughter (11 yrs. old) who has taken piano lessons for 4 yrs, practically never thinks to go to the piano just to play for fun. Right now her teacher is taking a little break, so my daughter has the idea she doesn't "have" to practice. Now, we hardly ever have the TV on, she has no electronic games, and she is often by herself (only child and not too many neighborhood kids to play with). At times, she'll complain about being soooo bored, nothin to do, etc. etc. Yet, she'll never think to occupy herself at the piano just playing some fun stuff. I play all the time for this reason but my modeling has no effect. She can play pretty well (early intermediate level), is very musical, loves to sing and dance, and I know enjoys playing her pieces for recitals.

Why will she fall into the pits of total boredom and still fail to see the piano as a way out?

Any ideas to motivate her in this way? As her parent but not her piano teacher, I find the motivational thing to be rather complicated.