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#9476 - 03/10/07 11:33 AM Nora, the Piano Playing Cat
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#9477 - 03/11/07 06:43 AM Re: Nora, the Piano Playing Cat
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There are a lot of videos of cats playing the piano. The difference with Nora, is how she caresses the keys and rubs her head against them. I thought it was adorable. She was actually playing the keys, not just walking along the keyboard.

Both of my pets love piano music. If I'm playing, they will come and sit by the pedals.

Twice, I've had students playing "A Song about Cats" and my Chloe has come in the room which made everyone laugh.

#9478 - 03/11/07 09:57 AM Re: Nora, the Piano Playing Cat
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My cats love the piano too! They'll park right by the pedals, up on top, wherever they can. My one cat also loves the sound of the saxophone and goes crazy when I play. She tries to get as close to the sound as possible and gets very vocal.

#9479 - 03/11/07 05:15 PM Re: Nora, the Piano Playing Cat
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Mine like to sit on the bench next to the students or curl up under the piano near their feet. They usually purr like crazy the entire time...
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#9480 - 03/11/07 07:01 PM Re: Nora, the Piano Playing Cat
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Mine likes to run across the keys--but only when somebody is playing. I was practicing the other morning and she came out of nowhere and ran from the bass on up to the treble right over my hands. My husband yelled from the other room, "Honey, you are getting really good at those scales!"

#9481 - 03/12/07 03:53 AM Re: Nora, the Piano Playing Cat
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Kudos to a hubby who knows what a scale is!!!

#9482 - 03/20/07 05:40 PM Re: Nora, the Piano Playing Cat
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My cats tend to love to walk on the keys, and always like to be in the room when i am teaching. Crazy things. lol

But, one time i was practicing for a wedding with a violin player, and she wa tuning, and didn;t my cat freak out! He literally climbed the door to try to get out... and I have never seen him do it again to this day! But it was the funiest thing.

And my cat likes to sing with you if you are singing! He just meows right along!


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