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#8961 - 10/27/06 05:24 PM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
John Offline
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Originally posted by Christina:
have you ever experienced getting a book from a music store with a teaching studio, only to find (when you get home/ start the lesson) that there's writing in it????
Oh yes. Blame a careless teacher. Where I worked, we'd have teachers who would bring in piles of music for store credit. I think this was a VERY nice service to offer teachers, but there was NO WAY we could go through every single book and check for marks, so we'd have to trust our teachers. Most were very conscientious.....but there was always a few that were clueless and abused this service.

#8962 - 10/28/06 03:26 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
Susan Offline
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Violet, I know of some good stores that may be close to you. PM me. I can also tell you the sad story of Books Mays.

#8963 - 10/28/06 04:16 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
Dolce Offline
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#8964 - 10/28/06 05:29 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
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Susan, can you tell us ALL the sad story of Brook Mays?? I'd like to know what happened. They were really big when I lived in Texas.

#8965 - 10/31/06 03:22 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
shannonspiano Offline
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My music store has a great selection.. The owner is retiring and looking for someone else to buy the business. Probably a good thing as she bearly uses a computer, and is rather rude. But she's great at having many methods in stock and keeps up with the popular music too. The other music stores in our area bearly have a music selection, so as teachers we tend to send our students' to Patty's. It's a small building with TONS of music, as that's ALL she sells.

#8966 - 11/30/06 07:34 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
graypianoteacher Offline
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I don't use the music store here in town- I go to the next town over (a lot bigger...about 25 miles away) and use the music store there. The store here doesn't have any established business hours, so it's hit or miss if you need to go and buy something. (Maybe I'm a little bitter...when I was first getting started teaching, I went to them to see if they needed a teacher.They told me to come back when I had more teaching do you get experience if they won't let you teach??) They don't carry what I need, and it's hard getting them to order something. The music store I use always has what I need in stock, (plus they host Faber workshops!!), and they give a discount to teachers.

#8967 - 12/29/06 01:02 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
music32 Offline
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I would share the same sentiment about my local music store. They basically have a monopoly, since there is no competition in the city itself as per accessing sheet music, etc. But they never seem to have even the most popular teaching materials by Faber, for example, in good stock. They force me to order say, the Faber Adult Lesson book and Performing book from the Internet, and I pay the pricey shipping fee just to get my hands on the music quicker. I can't wait WEEKS. The other bad feature of this store, is that they do not even permit any live music although they have been donated a fairly decent digital piano that just sits there-They also have a private practice room with an upright piano, for teachers, etc. to read through musical scores.
I have recorded 3 CDS and consider myself to be an accomplished pianist, having graduated the NYC HS of Performing Arts, Oberlin Conservatory, and NYU (Master of ARTS) Yet these characters at the local music store decline my and other performers' offers to serenade customers with decent classical music. Sad, but true.

#8968 - 12/29/06 07:44 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
Arlene Steffen Offline
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Hmmm. We must shop at the same store since we're both in Fresno, but my experience with them is quite good. Some things do take longer, but of the fairly general stuff, that is usually in hand in a week. They've given me excellent service on things I've ordered.

As far as playing music in the store, I'm glad they don't allow it. When I'm looking at a score, I want to be able to hear it in my head and I can't do that with the distraction of someone playing.

#8969 - 12/30/06 05:57 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
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Back when I was shopping for a grand piano, I went to many stores in different cities. I stopped by a music store in central CA (not in Fresno, and a store that sells both pianos and sheet music). I asked to try one out, and here's the unbelievable conversation that took place--

Woman in store: If you want to play the piano, you'll need to play the digital with headphones.

Me: But I'm shopping for a grand piano, not a digital, and want to try this one.

Woman: People come in all the time wanting to play the piano and we always tell them to play the digital.

Me: But I'm interested in buying THIS piano, so I need to play this piano to check out touch, tone, balance and so on.

Woman: Well OK. But keep it down, he likes it quiet in here.

Me: Never mind, I'll shop elsewhere.

Woman: Fine.

I left and stood outside for a minute looking around, mouth agape. I wondered what had just happened, if I should go back and start over, if this was a joke and if so, where's the camera.

Then I went home and wrote a letter to the store owner but never heard a word in response. I've always wondered if the saleswoman found the letter first and threw it away. I also wrote to the ____ Corp. of America, and their represenative phoned me to apologize. Still, I bought a different brand, different store, different city.

#8970 - 12/30/06 07:08 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
Arlene Steffen Offline
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Well, the store I was discussing sells only sheet music, not instruments.

I can't believe any reputable salesperson would still be employed with what she did. Wow!

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