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#8951 - 10/27/06 07:18 AM Disgusted With My Local Music Store
alidoremi Offline
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I'd like to know how the music stores are in your area. Do they keep up to date with all of the new music put out by different publishers? Or are they 'time-warped', with rows and rows of the old Schaum and Bastien (you know what I mean)?

I'm in the new release clubs for FJH and Hal Leonard. I also attend the MTAC Convention each year which is a great way to view new materials put out by composers/editors like Dennis Alexander, Melody Bober, Ingrid Clarefield, Helen Marlais, etc.... Going to their workshops and listening to all the new music out there is SO inspiring for me as a teacher.

I went to our local music store last week to check out the Christmas music selection. They stocked mostly Alfred and Bastien and they had ONE book of Melody's and ONE Piano Adventures Christmas (out of all the levels). As far as methods go, they carry Alfred and the older Bastien and newer Bastien. They do carry PA but a month ago I inquired about MFPA and to date they still do not have it (the store has had a difficult time keeping a 'sheet music' gal over the years).

I realize that stores will carry what teachers want to teach, but how will teachers learn about all the great new music out there if a store doesn't carry anything but the old stuff?

#8952 - 10/27/06 07:55 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
John Offline
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Alidoremi, music stores reflect what teachers in the area demand. When I worked at a piano music store in Ann Arbor, we carried tons of Music Pathways (since UM's Pedagogy Dept. used them at the time), and had to keep a load of Sing & Play since a few teachers used them religiously. I've gone to other stores where these methods were unknown and non-existent.

Granted, we were a store in a large city with a university, but I know when teachers came in and wanted things, we would order extra copies when we kept getting the same requests. I'd suggest that you go in and ask them to order what you need, and also send your students in for books you want to see in stock. A smart manager will take note, a less-clue-filled one may need to hear how you often resort to online ordering when you cannot find materials.

There's a very large, popular music store in Seattle that is "time-warped" (and dusty!), reflecting the number of older teachers there (the books reflect that \:D , not the dust ;\) ).

#8953 - 10/27/06 08:27 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
Manon Troppo Offline
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Although I'm disgusted with the arts scene in my neck of the woods (it's FAR from say, LA, when it comes to artistic offerings, although it's only an hour away!), it's a bit surprising that the local music stores carry a healthy supply of PA books and many other FJH publications (and also Hal Leonard ones, which are also my favorites). And if those stores are out of these books, they usually order them quite quickly. I guess that reflects the local reality--since I happen to live around the few areas that are more professional and educated (hence, artistically inclined) than the rest of the county.
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#8954 - 10/27/06 09:14 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
Glen Sprigg Offline
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My local store is great. If I need something, I order it. It's there within a week, usually. They've got a wide selection of methods available: Alfred, PA, Celebrate Piano, Bastien, Leila Fletcher, Suzuki, and a few others I can't recall right now. They don't teach out of the store, but they keep a reference list of every teacher in the area that they know of (a fact which got me my current job teaching at an out of town school).

They didn't know about My First Piano Adventure, but I educated them quickly about it. They appreciate knowing what the teachers are recommending, since parents come in often and ask them what they should get for their kids.
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#8955 - 10/27/06 10:25 AM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
xstitch4me Offline
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I have a great local store. My only complaint is it's about 25 mins away. They always have all of the PA materials, Bastien, Alfred and even the old Thompson books. They have tons of sheet music, tons of supplemental materials - great store.

We have another store that sells a LOT of guitars, drums and such and a little tiny section of music. They also carry Bastien and Faber but the employees are rude. You can walk right past people and they say nothing.....where the piano music is located is right behind someone's work station and they won't even acknowledge you. For that purpose, I rarely go there unless the other store is out of something.

A good music store is a necessity for a teacher!

#8956 - 10/27/06 12:46 PM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
Malaguena Offline
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Since someone mentioned the word "Thompson" I just thought I'd ask what everyone's opinion on that was???? Open for comments.

My Music store is okay. I go there frequently and am always in line to order music. I let them know if something new is on it's way to be out. After the MFPA came out I kept going and waiting, but never asked when it'd be there. Finally about 1 and 1/2 months ago I finally went to the desk and asked why was our store the only store in Texas that didn't have MFPA. The next week I came back and they had them coming out their ears and ever since then they've kept up with the MFPA and I've gotten Book B (just not the writing book yet), but they know I'm always eager for the latest and greatest. Though I know ya'll are right. When there are numerous older teachers in the area there's no big rush to getting newer music because they're satisfied with the older selections. Trust me, I'm not bashing older teachers. My 2 previous ones were older and without their training I'd not be teaching today, but I think sometimes you do have to be up front and comment how you're not always happy with the selection of music at the local music stores and they'll not want to lose business. They'll get you what you want.

#8957 - 10/27/06 03:26 PM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
luvslive Offline
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our local store has pretty much everything i'd ever need, it is a JW Pepper.
i am not sure that they have book B of MFPA yet, so I called fjh and am getting it at a discount, yeah!

#8958 - 10/27/06 03:32 PM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
Malaguena Offline
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I got Book B, but maybe the writing book is not in yet? it at a discount!

#8959 - 10/27/06 03:38 PM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
VioletBeauregarde Offline
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I've only been in Texas since April. I LOVE IT here and my students are WONDERFUL to work with. There is one problem though.The only music store in my area is Brooks Mays. They are going out of business. I do alot of ordering for materials and things through Sheet Music Plus.
I wish that I did have a local store that was well stocked and stable to stay in business,but I don't. \:\(
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#8960 - 10/27/06 04:30 PM Re: Disgusted With My Local Music Store
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have you ever experienced getting a book from a music store with a teaching studio, only to find (when you get home/ start the lesson) that there's writing in it???? that makes me sooooo angry! most times a store won't take it back, due to copyright laws etc. i used to really give a book a good once over before purchasing it, as our local music store is famous for that. being in a large city, we have quite a few music stores, but i still order my music from 2 provinces away. they get their books directly from the publishers, and send them out.
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