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#8915 - 09/18/06 09:05 AM Re: Age?
Jennifer Online   content
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You should never be ashamed of your age no matter how old (or young) you are. Wear it proud. Everyone gets older, it's a fact of life. So be proud of your age and all the experiences (good or bad) you go through. Those experiences make us wiser. Continue to learn and grow each day. Be happy you are still alive and kicking! You never know when your time is up no matter how old you are. I think teaching helps us stay, feel and even look younger than we might be.

Those who are young, learn from those older with more experience. Those who are older, learn from those who are young. We all have something to offer eachother.

It's nice to see a broad range of ages on this board. I learn something from each one of you everyday.
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#8916 - 09/18/06 09:07 AM Re: Age?
clarinetlady Offline
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I'm another young teacher, am 28 and have been officially teaching since November 1999, when I got my first two clarinet students from my first clarinet teacher. Have produced two students who earned over 90 on RCM exams, including one that is getting the silver medal for RCM Grade 4 clarinet. Moved into having my own studio location about 1 1/2 years ago, before I was exclusively travel teaching, but will be phasing it out after December. Working on getting my clarinet ARCT, which has a piano requirement.

Perform on a regular basis, both on clarinet and piano, most often in my monthly concerts with my boyfriend. Have a studio of about 20 students (I lost track at 15) Also compose and arrange music.

Getting referrals from 4 families on a regular basis. Quite a few studio extras, like an on-site pianist for clarinet students, use of theory, notation, ear-training software and music-related games, student recitals (twice a year), ensemble work (for both piano and clarinet students!)


#8917 - 09/18/06 09:44 AM Re: Age?
VioletBeauregarde Offline
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Started teaching when I was 18... it's been 17 years of teaching for me and still going- you do the math. \:\)
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#8918 - 09/18/06 11:20 AM Re: Age?
lagin Offline
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Wow Clarinet lady, 2 distinctions and a silver medal! Just in case some of you don't know, that means that her student got the highest mark in the entire province for that year. For which province is that anyway?
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#8919 - 09/18/06 01:11 PM Re: Age?
pianoc Offline
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I'm 44 and plan to teach way into retirement - whatever that means. I plan to move into a retirement home and teach piano to all the old people that always wished they'd had the time to learn piano.

That's after I'm 80 - or so. I also plan to live to be 120 - so I think I have many - many more years of teaching piano.

#8920 - 09/18/06 01:57 PM Re: Age?
Arlene Steffen Offline
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43. Just started to think about what age I'd give up teaching. Hmmm.

#8921 - 09/18/06 05:13 PM Re: Age?
pianosa Offline
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23. Everybody thinks I'm somewhere between 13 and 17. Ouch!

#8922 - 09/18/06 06:05 PM Re: Age?
John Offline
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Hey, since I was brave enough to post a link to a picture, is anyone else willing to share?

A few years ago Janice stirred things up and we had such fun trying to guess who was who when she posted our pics on her website....

#8923 - 09/18/06 06:14 PM Re: Age?
Doenny Offline
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I'm 24, and have just started my 7th year of teaching. As far as posting a pic, I'll have to think on that!
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#8924 - 09/19/06 02:58 AM Re: Age?
eaHarris Offline
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My picture's on my website:

The website is about a year behind -- I've moved and I've changed some policies. I need to get my husband to do some updates on the site.

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