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#65338 - 09/25/14 09:07 PM Teaching white keys FGAB
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I'm using PA Primer with an 8yo boy who doesn't like sitting. Does anyone have any fun, hands-on suggestions for teaching the white key notes FGAB? Thanks!

#65351 - 09/29/14 12:13 AM Re: Teaching white keys FGAB [Re: anon112559]
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To explore FGAB all over the keyboard, check out Nancy's creative extensions for The Escalator, as featured in the Primer Level teacher guide: The Escalator

#65352 - 09/30/14 02:17 PM Re: Teaching white keys FGAB [Re: Jon]
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I use a song "FGAB, FGAB by 3 black keys". We play f-b going up and the 3 black keys going down. Also I took the key flashcards from Hal Leonard and glued them on paper, than using stickers on a sheet protector we explore the keys- or the student takes home there own little flashcard set for the week. MusicLearningCommunity has a game if you have a membership.

#65353 - 09/30/14 04:17 PM Re: Teaching white keys FGAB [Re: shannonspiano]
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I create a story: F is the front door, B is the back door. By the front door, is Grandma (G) who has been making Apple pies (A) in the kitchen by the back (B) door. The 3 black keys are the big house and the 2 black keys are the dog's house.

The Pianimals series has key covers. I bought several sets, laminated them and have the student cover the entire keyboard with them.

#65357 - 10/07/14 06:33 AM Re: Teaching white keys FGAB [Re: SillyString]
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I use a game that I think I found on Susan Paradis's page. It's really simple, but my students LOVE it, and they want to play it long after it stops having any actual learning value for them. I love it because I find it makes them really see what an A, or a G, or a C looks like, instead of always counting up from just one note. It's amazing how fast they learn!

All you need are two game pieces from any board game that are small enough to fit on piano keys, and then make a set of cards with the letters A to G on them (2 or 3 cards for each letter is enough). Players take turns flipping over a card and then moving their game piece to the next closest key by that letter name. If it's a new student who needs lots of practice with this, we race all the way up the keyboard - whoever gets to the other side first is the winner! If we don't have that much time, then we start at opposite ends of the keyboard and race to middle C.

I also play this game with sharps and flats, and it works wonders for those too!

#65362 - 10/07/14 06:06 PM Re: Teaching white keys FGAB [Re: CanNorskPiano]
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I use that game too! I also play musical Candyland and I got the idea from either Susan, or maybe Wendy's blog--not sure, but it's not my original idea. I took a candyland game and used a sharpie to write out the musical alphabet along the colors. I have cards with either notes on the staff printed out for them to move along with or cards with a keyboard and dots on certain keys. Kids LOVE it!! They ask to play it all the time!

#65367 - 10/10/14 10:51 AM Re: Teaching white keys FGAB [Re: SharonAdelle]
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@SillyString - I tried your story with a student this week and it seemed to work great! Thanks! smile



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