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#64980 - 05/09/14 05:33 PM audio teaching aids
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I am an adult with just 1 year of lessons (intermediate level} who is just returning to lessons after a 6 year layoff. I am eager to learn but only get 1/2 hour with my instructor each week so I don't get to ask him all the questions I would like...time just doesn't allow it. I am rusty with timing and tempo, especially relative to triplets, and notes of different values that are tied together, e.g. eight note triplets tied to 1/2 note in 4/4 time...I am encountering 1/4 & 1/8 rests in the treble clef while trying to sync with 1/4 rests in the base clef. I am working on swing pieces currently... Are there audio aides available that I can effectively use at home.?

#64988 - 05/12/14 10:46 AM Re: audio teaching aids [Re: butcherfingers]
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I'm not sure of any "audio aides" you could use, but I have a few different suggestions for you that might help....
- sign up for longer lessons
- arrange with your teacher to dedicate a whole lesson to rhythm instead of the normal routine
- book a special additional lesson with your teacher to work only on rhythm

I know that's not the answer to your question, but I hope maybe it might help! smile

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I am trying to stay out in front of the instructor because I am eager to learn. However, I don't want to develop bad habits that may be hard to break. If had some audio timing & tempo aids that I could rely on it would be helpful. I am heading towards a music major in a special scholarship program at the University of Kentucky so I am looking for every advantage. I might have to do just as you suggest if I can't find the audio aids. Thanks so much for the advise

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If you are trying for this prestigious achievement, I think the extra sessions from the teacher would be the best. It's hard for me to say specifically because I struggle with swing rhythms too. For me it's not even listening to audio aids to learn, but just to get into the groove of "feeling" the rhythm more than counting to it. If you know how to count (and it sounds like you should at this level), then I think "feeling" the rhythm at this point may be your best shot. I listen to every different recording that I can find of a piece that I am struggling on to see how others execute it. Then try to incorporate different techniques into my own practice.
I don't think you're doing yourself a disservice by not being able to simultaneously count two completely different rhythms. When I play swing or jazz of any sort, sometimes I "lock" into the groove or rhythm right away and nothing can get me off track for the whole piece, and sometimes I get off by a hair in the first few measures and the whole piece is a disaster.
What pieces are you currently working on?

#65471 - 12/09/14 09:36 PM Re: audio teaching aids [Re: Bridget]
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Sorry for the delay in responding but knee replacement surgery got in the way. I've been back at the piano for a while now and all is coming together nicely. I did ask my instructor for some extra focused time on a few performance issues and they helped a lot. Syncopation was critical to my understanding rhythm. I learned something even more valuable about what defines a good instructor. To me he is my coach and he is eager to teach yours truly more than mere notes. He wants me to excell and he is eager help me. A true teacher is in it for the true student. They are a team.


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