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#64664 - 02/01/14 10:57 AM Re: Teaching Plan [Re: AusJen]
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No problem AusJen. Feel free to post and ask for advice as needed. smile

#64668 - 02/02/14 07:10 AM Re: Teaching Plan [Re: AusJen]
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Originally Posted By: AusJen
My question in regards to my two younger children is: what do I do with them? Just lock them in another room with an activity or something? wink
The best situation I think would be to get someone to watch them. If that's not an option, then I think an activity like you said would be the best 2nd choice. Maybe you can make it something special that becomes part of "piano day" routine? Not really sure though as I don't have kids - maybe some of the mothers on here can chime in with some ideas.

#64670 - 02/02/14 09:20 AM Re: Teaching Plan [Re: EllaCat]
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When my kids were less than 5, I hired in a sitter. After that they watched TV or played computer during lessons. Also shortly thereafter my DH changed his hours at work to be home earlier in the day.

#64671 - 02/03/14 08:56 PM Re: Teaching Plan [Re: shannonspiano]
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Hi AusJen smile kudos to you for reaching out for help. This is a great place to talk to piano teachers. Piano Adventures is a wonderful choice for your curriculum.

#64673 - 02/05/14 01:04 PM Re: Teaching Plan [Re: ransomed]
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I have 5 kids and I at least introduced piano to all my kids. I didn't home school, but have lots of experience of working with one child, while the others are around.

My suggestion is to have a "special" activity for the younger kids during piano time. Either a special video--or another thing that is not available to them during the rest of the day. Something they can do mostly unsupervised though--playdough? watercolors? which are not too messy otherwise. Or if they're old enough--a computer game that they can do with headphones on. I've also found that while it's not ideal--my own children learned young to be able to focus with other activity going on--that's just real life. You may need to hop up and down to peek at the younger ones, but that's parenting. Like all things, be prepared to "wing it" a bit.

#64698 - 02/13/14 09:51 PM Re: Teaching Plan [Re: SharonAdelle]
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Thanks for all the advice everybody - it really helps! I hope to start with her this week as I finally have all the books I need. She is a couple of weeks in to her first year at school so now that initial time is over, it's probably a good time to start anyway. I really appreciate your time!

#65437 - 11/13/14 12:28 PM Re: Teaching Plan [Re: AusJen]
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Hi, I am new to this forum. I have taught piano many years, and decided to try First Piano Adventures for a 4 almost 5 year old. I have been a little confused by the format of the book. At first I thought I was suppose to cover one unit a lesson. I realize this is not possible if I want to do review each week. Any input as to how much one covers each week in a half hour lesson? I have many other questions too, but I will start with the above!

#65440 - 11/13/14 08:12 PM Re: Teaching Plan [Re: musicmagic]
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I go by each child, but usually about 2 pieces a week. Sometimes at the end of a unit, I will introduce the new concept of the next unit, but not assign the piece to be played that week.

I have a just 5 year old in that book. He started with me back in January when he was only 4 1/2. I went at a nice slow pace and even added in things. He took the summer off (which was good to help him grow before he came back to me) Turned 5 over the summer. He is a very smart 5, but dexterity wise, he is right at 5. He is now at the very end of book A, but I'm putting the last unit on hold while we do the Christmas book now. That will give these 2 months to reinforce the notes, build his finger strength and timing, then in January I plan on finishing the book and moving to book B.

I do also have another 4 year old in book A right now. She has an older brother in level 2A, but started also at 4 in book A. As with her brother, I am going at a nice slow pace. Lots of repetition, and she asks for the repetition! We do Stone on the Mountain probably at each lesson. I go back for her to play her favorites. We are in unit 6 of the book and we have been in this book since March when she was just barely 4!!

#65444 - 11/14/14 11:21 AM Re: Teaching Plan [Re: musicmagic]
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Every student is different, so plan on custom-tailoring your pacing. Younger students like yours will enjoy more repetition, and 30-minute lessons will stretch out the time to completion.

I'm teaching 45-minute lessons to a 6-year-old boy in MFPA Book A now, and he is enjoying a fast pace.

For the first four units, we covered one unit each week.
We spent two lessons on Unit 5.
We spent two lessons on Unit 6.
We fit all of Unit 7 into a single lesson, where we are now.

We start every lesson with the Friends at the Piano Roll Call Song. We try a different variation each week, often based on the newest concept. Then we spend half the time reviewing previous songs/activities and do the Writing Book pages that correlate to the previous week's material, and half the time introducing a new unit.

We're doing about 10 activities per lesson, spending 3-5 minutes on each.

Certain activities become quick setup routines for many songs that come up again and again. For example, the "I'm Great" Pose gets us seated at the piano again after a writing activity or game on the floor. "Wabbit the Rabbit" helps us find the starting note for several different songs on the C-D-E keys. "Cookie Dough" reminds us of firm fingertips, etc.

Look for more ideas in the support section of our website, especially the Teacher's First Lesson Plan with videos.

#65623 - 03/11/15 04:30 PM Re: Teaching Plan [Re: AusJen]
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Not so much a reply-actually a question. I LOVED the first lesson plan posted on the site? Are there subsequent plans, or do you use this as a starting point and build your own plans from that point? This is my first time with "First Adventures," even though I have used this series for years.
Missy Davis
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