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#64555 - 01/16/14 06:02 PM Games for five year olds
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Does anyone have any ideas for board games for five year olds? I am looking for a game similar to the Pianimals Game (LOVE THAT GAME!!!) only geared for five year olds. Thanks in advance!!

#64559 - 01/16/14 06:30 PM Re: Games for five year olds [Re: AshleyJane]
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I don't know the Pianimals Game. Can you describe it a bit?

I like Susan Paradis' Ladybug game (from her website). It is a colourful game board with the letters of the musical alphabet on each square. You play by picking a card, then moving to the letter that matches. There are 2 levels of play: using notes-on-the-staff flashcards, or using key-name flashcards.

She has lots of other great games. It's worth browsing her website.

#64566 - 01/16/14 09:35 PM Re: Games for five year olds [Re: pianojazzgirl]
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#64572 - 01/17/14 11:01 AM Re: Games for five year olds [Re: ransomed]
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I play musical Candyland with young students. I got the idea from someone's website, maybe Susan or Wendy? My kids had outgrown ours. I wrote with a sharpie the musical alphabet on the colored squares with the special pink squares being things like a treble clef, forte, etc... The site had a set of cards to print out. One set is pretending with a keyboard and a dot on the key to move to.
My young students love it and even those too old for Candyland do! I tend to loose when I play this game a lot smile kids love to beat me in a game.

#64580 - 01/19/14 11:08 AM Re: Games for five year olds [Re: SharonAdelle]
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Thank you very much everyone, for all of your suggestions. I do use Susan Paradis' games and they are fantastic. I wasn't aware of the Ladybug game, but I will check it out.

Pianojazzgirl, Pianimals is a wonderful board game that I learned about from one of the fantastic teachers on this forum. I think it cost me about 15.00USD at the time I bought it , which is some years ago now. It was well worth the investment!! The kids love it and it's great to pull out for certain kids who need a little break. Here is the link to their website and I'm sure you can find info on the game there:
It's a colorful board game with a keyboard on it and animals. The kids love it.
Ransomed, thanks for the board game suggestions. I will look at those today.
SharonAdelle, I have never heard of Candyland, but I will check that one out too!!
I love this forum!! Thanks again!!!


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