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#32410 - 04/07/05 03:40 AM Re: Asperger's Disorder
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LOLOL.....good morning laugh. I was at the copy store yesterday and got talking to another lady waiting and well....woo hoo....I'm starting her three daughters for piano. Small world huh? I love those positive teaching experiences and I'm happy to report most of my students this year are all very positive experiences. I only have one whom I'd drop for next year. I started a new student this week (mother told me she new nothing about piano) so we started in the primer books....she came and knew so much more than she thought...she already knew the notes and counting and some hand's going to be great but I felt bad skipping forward in her books (waste of money) but it's nice to skip over all the very basics of music. Some days don't you just love teaching??????

#64398 - 12/02/13 01:43 AM Re: Asperger's Disorder [Re: Arlene Steffen]
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Kids with Autism usually learn through rote teaching (memorizing), however each child is different with Autism and it will take some guess and check to find out what helps them learn particularly.

#64401 - 12/02/13 08:29 AM Re: Asperger's Disorder [Re: Emily C]
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I'm a National Board Certified Teacher in Exceptional Needs. I have taught children with Autism Spectrum Disorders for more than 20 years now.

My best advice is to talk with the parent to find out pet peeves, triggers, likes, dislikes. If they are taking the time to invest in music for their child, they are probably capable of giving you a world of valuable information on their child.

I have an extremely high functioning 10 year old who can play music perfectly by hearing the CD, but he can't read a note. However, he can tell if something is being played in major or minor key.

Your job will be to get to know your student!

These people are soooo unique and intriguing. My student messes with the volume of the piano for every song. He gets very upset if I shorten the title of a song to communicate. This can become very taxing with some of the classical titles! ha! He puts his pencil on the music tray, vertically. We do not move on to another piece until he has something perfect. I do mean PERFECT! It must sound exactly like the cd for him to be happy with his efforts.

My best advice is to bend like the grass with him. If he is learning and you are enjoying him as a student, have fun with the experience. He will probably teach you more than you can him!

My other thought is to be prepared and willing to teach your lessons differently than with other students. As long as he and his parents are happy with his progress, you need to be, as well.

All the best!
Deborah Horn

#64404 - 12/03/13 04:44 AM Re: Asperger's Disorder [Re: debilynn]
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These kids are so amazing to me. They are so passionate and intelligent, it's like uncovering a mystery every day. They seem to either love music or hate music, I have found. Some have such a hard time with the noise. Those that love it just seem to gravitate to it and it's neat to see.

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